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Robert Wilder, J.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Rob Wilder is CEO & co-founder of WilderHill Clean Energy Index® (ECO), the first and leading Index for renewable energy and calculating live since 2004. He founded WilderShares which owns the Index, and Chairs the Advisory Committee. Rob also co-founded WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index (NEX) worldwide outside the U.S., is a Partner in WilderHill New Energy Finance LLC; founder of WilderHill Progressive Energy Index (WHPRO); and founded Wilder NASDAQ Global Energy Efficient Transport Index (HAUL).

He enjoys speaking internationally as a Fulbright Senior Specialist and in diverse settings such as Oxford University, venues in Europe, Asia, and has volunteered at the International Syrian University in Exile for university-student refugees. His book, Listening to the Sea is on better ways to prevent pollution and conserve biodiversity, and Dr. Wilder publishes widely as in Nature, Scientific American, National Academy of Sciences Press, Engineering News-Record, Institutional Investor, American Society of Civil Engineers Press, UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy, Journal of Alternative Investments, Virginia J. of International Law, University of Chicago Press, and elsewhere.

Community service is a personal longtime interest: he is Member Emeritus of the Director’s Council at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Trustee for Society for Conservation Biology, Member of IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, was on the Board of Directors (and unanimously appointed Interim Executive Director) of the Center for Sustainable Energy, elected to Sierra Club National Board of Directors, and served years in each of these roles. He’s been Public Advocate for Climate and Sustainability for Mayor and City of San Diego, and did community-based restoration with The Nature Conservancy.

Recently he was recognized by The Economist with its co-sponsors National Geographic, Environmental Defense Fund, and Blancpain at the 2017 World Ocean Summit for their Innovation Award. And since ECO’s founding its tracker was named a #1 Small Cap Fund, called "the Dow Jones average of global warming" by USA Today, "Best ETF" and “Most Innovative New ETF Product”.

Dr. Wilder has been on the Faculty at the University of California, and at the University of Massachusetts; he holds a Ph.D. from U.C. Santa Barbara, and a J.D. from University of San Diego. Academic career awards include receiving the National Academy of Sciences Young Investigator Award (twice); an American Assn. for the Advancement of Science AAAS/EPA Fellowship in Environmental Science & Technology at EPA HQ.; Scripps Ph.D. Dissertation Award, and California Sea Grant Fellowship in the Legislature.

Rob’s originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He and his family reside in lovely Encinitas north of San Diego on a 1-acre site that's solar-powered with organic gardens, innovative solar cars & light vehicles, plus innovative energy storage.

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